Quick Tips on using Ogreets

Return to the home page, simply click on the 'Ogreets' logo in the upper left hand corner. 

There are three ways to find the right card:

1. 'Choose an Occasion,' under each occasion you will find sub categories where you can refine your search.   As an example, if you are a Niece who wants to send a birthday card to your Aunt, you would choose 'Birthday' as the category and refine your search by choosing 'Niece to Aunt.'

2. 'Search,' just type in a key word such as 'Basketball,' 'Dog,' 'Candy,' 'Mom,' etc. and all cards associated with the chosen word will appear.

3. 'Holiday Calendar,'  go to the 'holiday calendar' and choose the  appropriate holiday.

Modifying the wording of the card, it's easy to do. After you have chosen a card, you click on any word and a blue outline of a box will appear around the entire dialogue or header section. Once this box appears you can start to modify the wording.

Gift Note (optional), after you save your message and click on the forward arrow the next screen to appear is the 'Gift Note' page.   It is here where you can describe your gift.   'Romantic dinner,' 'Trip to Hawaii,' 'I will clean your car every week for a month.' After you describe your gift you also have the option to upload a picture of that gift. The last part is to wrap the Gift Note. You have a bunch of 'virtual wrapping paper' choices to wrap your gift with. To skip the Gift Note, simply click on the forward arrow.

Save for Future Connections, if you find a card you like but are not ready to send it, simply click on the icon (‘Save for Future Connections’) in the lower right hand corner and this card will be saved in your ‘My O-zone.’ When you are ready to send this card simply go to your ‘My O-zone,’ click on the card and you are all set to send it out.

My O-Zone, all the cards you send or receive can be found here.   You will be able to see if the Ogreets you have sent has been delivered.    It is also in your  'My O-Zone' where you will be able track who has responded to any invitations you have sent out.

At the bottom of each page you will find 'contact.'   You can use this section to send Ogreets a note if you have a question or if you don't see a card you would like to send.   If we don't have it we'll do our best to create it.

Have fun